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Fishing Report: AJ day

Provided by: Haf N Haf Fishing Charters
Posted on:May 18, 2010
Region: Florida  /  Central East

The ocean was beautiful and the weather perfect for the Villages Fishing Club. We started out in 100 ft. of water and worked off from there. We caught a nice kingfish and a big silky shark before pulling up to our amberjack spot in 160 ft. of water. We changed over quickly to our drifting rigs and quickly hooked up with a pair of AJs. It was pretty much non stop action for the next hour or so with 8 nice AJs in the fish box and 5 or 6 released. We moved off from there to 330 ft. of water where there was a beautiful rip and temp. change. We caught 1 nice dolphin in the remaining time but the rip really pushed us north quickly at 3 knots and we had a long ride in from 42 miles off. All in all, lots of meat to take home for everyone.