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Fishing Report: 6/15/2010

Provided by: Tuna Fever
Posted on:June 15, 2010
Region: North Carolina  /  Coastal Plain

Billy says it was just a great day of fishing. I say THANK YOU Jason for the great hat!!
The Tuna Fever started out on the 290 and ended up on the 417 and in the middle there was lots of action. The boys enjoyed some great dolphin fishing with a limit early in 78 degree water...tuna started busting real close to the dolphin bite and the picked one off the long rigger that tipped the scales at 63 pounds...after that there were lots of bites but little action and the crew threw out the stick for 4 more nice yellowfin. Good Story - they caught a bonita on the stick and tried to "bounce" it off which apparently they do all the time - but not when a blue one is chasing it and Maxwell says it was a sight to see...bout a 300 pounder all lit up and the only thing left of that bonita was it's lips (and the hook of course). Hehe!! What the crew though was another bonita turned out to be a 73 pound wahoo for Jason's dad John Skladan! The funny on that one goes that no one saw the bite - just a flash of silver - and Jason was working as the gaff man. You have to imagine (because of stiff penalties by the FCC) what Dickerson said to get that gaff back when he finally wired up and spot that wahoo!!! 2 big gaffers on top and you know what....Maxwell was right. Tight Lines!