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Fishing Report: 6/13/2010

Provided by: Yeah Right Sportfishing Charters
Posted on:June 13, 2010
Region: North Carolina  /  Coastal Plain

Today I am going to give a fishing report and also catch you up on why I have been absent for a little bit.

Saturday morning we were fishing on the beach with Michael Sutphin, Bryce Wilson, Dustin Sutphin, Josh Smith, and James Stevenson from Greensboro,NC.

The fishing was real good. The Spanish Mackerel were biting really good and when we stopped to shark fish, they too were biting good.

Everything was going great and we decided to make one more drift for the sharks before heading in to pick up the evening charter.

I fired up the engines and was making the move when all of a sudden there was this loud noise, and it has been down hill ever since.

Now mind you, we were on the beach, never seen anything in the water, but after the commotion, there was a terrible vibration in the drive line.

The kind that makes you sick to the stomach because you know it's got to be bad. I hated to make the calls to cancel the evening trip, but my hands were tied, I had no choice.

I know they were dissappointed, and so was I, but what else could I do. Things break and give problems from time to time. And we are on the water nearly every day, so that even ups our odds of having a problem from time to time..

We limped in and I went to the "American Fish Company" to have the Yeah Right II hauled out.

I don't have a clue as to what was under the water, in the ocean I guess it could have been anything. But it gives me cold chills to think of the speed some of todays boats run and what might have happened if one of those vessels encountered what I did.

It got both props, tore them all to pieces, took off one trim tab and the other was torn up. I don't know what it was, but it was big and unforgiving, had it been struck by a lighter and faster boat, I would expect the outcome to have been a lot more devestating...

Anyway, I have re-grouped, asscessed the damage and have parts on overnight order and plan on being at the prop shop when they open in the morning.

You can rest assured we will have her back in the water ASAP. Things just happen sometimes and you have to learn to deal with them the best you can when they do happen.

We live in a day and age where we dump everything in the ocean without even thinking of the outcome or effect it may have in the future.

So many miles offshore you can dump just about anything, I guess it doesn't know it's supposed to stay out there!!

I am just Thankful that it happened to me in a slower and heavier boat, and not someone in a lighter boat going 50+ MPH.

Let me give you another way to look at this. God has a way of doing things in our favor. We might not understand why and may not even realize at the time it was "Devine Intervention".

I called my charters for the next few days and gave them the news. Maybe them not driving down was Gods way to keep them from having a wreck and possibly suffering the unthinkable!!

I don't know, and I'm not suppoed to know, but I do know this, I will return better and stronger than ever and God will see to it that this mishap will work in my favor.

Right now I don't see how, but I know it will in some way!!!!!!

How do I know this?

Because if you too believe, that's a Promise He will make to you as well!!!

God will even make your enemies praise you, and He will take you places well beyond your wildest dreams, just give Him the chance!!!

On another note, just because I am not fishing right now doesn't mean the fish aren't biting.

I was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time to to get to see Tommy Perry unload the days catch that he and his crew caught while out grouper fishing.

Those were some nice Scamps the guys got, seeing those made me work even harder on the Yeah Right II. Got to get her fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you know why the delays in the reports. Its been some long, hot, and tiring days trying to get everything done as quickly as possible to get back up and running again, and like a good friend said the other day, "Getting old is not for sissy's"!!

Till next time, I hope you have a Blessed day and week ahead!!!

Fish On!!!!
Capt's Butch & Chris Foster