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Fishing Report: May 30th, 2010

Posted on:May 30, 2010
Region: New York  /  Greater Niagara

With the water temperature up to 62-64 degrees and the Smallies are in all phases of the spawn. The are some Smallmouth Bass in pre-spawn, spawning, post spawn modes as well as a lot of males on beds. LEAVE THE BEDDING FISH ALONE TO PROTECT OUR FUTURE SMALLMOUTH FISHERY!!! There are enough Smallies to be caught without targeting the males (which are smaller anyway) protesting the nests from Goby's & Perch. Fish the deeper structures 22-35' outside the spawning areas or start poking around the off shore humps, reefs and rockpiles to find the bigger fish. Where they can be temped into biting a tube, drop shotted bait (minnow or Goby imitator) or a live Shiner drifted by them.

There are a bunch of White (Silver) Bass, White Perch, Sheepshead, a few Yellow Perch and Walleye mixed in with the Smallmouth Bass off the Buffalo Breakwalls, the Windmills, the South Shore (Hamburg to Wanaka area), Seneca Shoal and Myers Reef.

The night walleye trolling bite continues to be fair but has peaked. The day trolling bite should start picking up any time now with the water temp warming up as fast as it has.