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Fishing Report: June 7th, 2010

Posted on:June 7, 2010
Region: New York  /  Greater Niagara

Most of the Smallmouth Bass have spawned now with the water temperature around 68 degrees. This is the fastest ever, I can remember the water warming up this quick. Hopefully, we had a great spawn as we haven't had any major storms, winds or a cold water roll over to hurt the spawn. A lot a fish (White Bass, White Perch, Sheepshead, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and tons of Yellow Perch) are hanging around the structure just off Smokes Creek (Windmills), Wanaka and Myers Reef because of the huge amount of Emerald Shiners. There are also a bunch of smaller Bass around the Buffalo Break Walls at the ends and by the sandbar on Donnelly's Wall.

The Walleye fishing is picking up almost as fast as the water temperature with the day trollers and drifters starting to pick up better numbers of Walleye around the Emerald Channel, the Windmills, off the end of Myers Reef and a few starting to show up off Senaca Shoal and the Departure Buoy. Spinner and Worm combos are catching most of the Eye's right now.