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Fishing Report: JUNE 2nd ... Morning ... Fred Cummings ... Fly-fishing

Provided by: Captain Ken Rafferty
Posted on:June 2, 2010
Region: New York  /  Long Island

With dead low tide just 30 minutes away I headed right out onto my Flats. It didn't take long before we spotted the first shadow moving from my two o'oclock, left at about 60 feet. I worked the boat a little closer and Fred laid out his cast, perfect, wait, strip ......Bang! hook-up. This would be Fred's first time skinny water Fly-fishing .....he loved it. He never believed that shadow was a fish until I showed him how it was moving along the shore line. Fred landed two more Stripers here but as time was passing the tide was getting higher and so I moved to another flat. We had much better light, less wind and within five minutes another Striper which measured in at 26 inches. The wind was picking up and it was time to go. I gave Fred the Flie that he landed his first Striper on, he was a happy camper.