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Fishing Report: May 29th ... Morning ... Ed Shugrue ... Fly-fishing

Provided by: Captain Ken Rafferty
Posted on:May 29, 2010
Region: New York  /  Long Island

We started right inside the harbor where Ed Hooked up with a couple of Stripers that were in the 20 to 24 inch class and lost a fly or two to a Bluefish. We then headed out and around, towards the Bell Estate where we found lots of small Bluefish feeding on the surface. Ed had any fish he aimed at, Haul, Cast, Strip ....hook-up, one after another. After a couple of hours of Bluefish we called it a day but as we were headed in toward my marina, on the flats we spotted Stripers again. Ed had the rod ready and let out a few cast but most of these fish seen us before we could see them. Finally here we had a nice fish at twelve o'clock, thirty feet away coming toward us. Ed laid out the cast and as the fly started sinking he striped and Bang! was hooked up. This fish went right past us, 180 degrees and took line down into the backing while leaving a wake in 16 inches of water. After five minutes or so Ed had it to the boat and I lifted up a nice 28 inch Striper