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Fishing Report: Spring 2010 Fishing Report

Provided by: Dauntless Charters
Posted on:June 22, 2010
Region: Florida  /  Keys  /  Key Largo

Spring is here and with it comes the heat and calm days in the Florida Keys. Within the past week the dolphin(mahi-mahi) have been showing up in numbers. A lot of fish are shakers (under the required 20 inches to the fork of the tail) but they grow remarkably fast and hanging with the small ones have been several larger ones caught up to 60 pounds.

This is the best time to be fishing in the Key Largo area. There are many tactics in which to locate these fish, one is to high speed troll while looking for birds diving, weedlines or anything floating. Another way for the smaller boats is to run and gun until they spot something that looks promising and then start fishing.

Sailfish are still doing well before they head north, live bait have been the ticket either slow trolled or using kites. Kingfish are still hanging around before they start heading north but some tend to stay making Key Largo their summer home. The tuna bite is good, in the morning or evening when the sun is not to high.

Amberjack and tuna are biting well on the Key Largo hump and some wrecks in the area. These fish are being caught on butterfly jigs which are a new technique to the upper keys. It really gets exciting hooking up these large fish on spinners with braided line. Live bait is also a good way to go.

Yellowtail and mutton snapper are biting on the reef since the water has warmed up, but with the water being so clear and calm sometimes it gets difficult to get them to eat.

Hopefully the oil spill on the gulf will not come to the Florida Keys; we are saying our prayers. Come on down to Key Largo and the upper keys, the weather and fishing are great.