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Fishing Report: Jacks Are Wild!

Provided by: Dream Catcher Charters
Posted on:June 23, 2010
Region: Florida  /  Keys  /  Key West

Everybody last week “got their pull on” when the Dolphin thinned out and we were lucky enough to find a new wreck. It’s the greatest feeling to just be trolling along and look up at the bottom sounder in 250 feet of water and notice a wreck full of fish. You immediately bolt upright and look around to see if you are anywhere near something you already know about. And the biggest smile fills your face when you finally check and double check that you have found something completely new. Now maybe it’s not a complete secret, but you didn’t know about it and in the past two weeks, we have only seen one other boat there...And apparently, it doesn’t get fished much...Take a look!