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Fishing Report: June 20

Provided by: DeMako Charters
Posted on:June 20, 2010
Region: Bermuda  /  Bermuda


Warmer water to the South of the island had brought bait, birds and life to the South side of Argus. With this activity came a flurry of Marlin and Tuna activity for the fleet. We all feel much better now.

We had a good week with the Tuna and caught a couple of White Marlin. Still waiting for our first Blue, but we are getting shots so it’s just a matter of time now.

We had Mike and crew, Black & Blue members, for much of the week. They did their usual thing…Wahoo, Dolphin, White Marlin, put out a propane fire, Yellowfin Tuna…they managed to fill up their week!

On Friday we went 1 for 4 on White Marlin, the fleet went 2 for 10 on Whites and 0 for 3 on Blue Marlin.

Sunday was a great day with 6 Yellowfin Tuna in the 50 pound range caught in the chum, followed by going 1 for 2 on White Marlin on the way home. We also missed a Blue that was FIRED up back there in the spread. We saw a big one that did not want to eat. She just swam under the right short and scared all of us. You obviously want them to bite, but even seeing one of those big girls is exciting as hell.

- Capt. Allen DeSilva