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Fishing Report: June 13

Provided by: DeMako Charters
Posted on:June 13, 2010
Region: Bermuda  /  Bermuda

Blue water is good if you are looking at it from the bridge while trolling. On a sea surface temperature chart it is not so handy. The good news is that the cold water is finally giving way to some at least reasonable water - we got 74 degrees yesterday for the first time all year.

You can see the signs of the warmer water even without the gauge. Bait is showing up on the south side of Argus and there is some bird activity starting. It kind of reminds me of the second week in May instead of June.

We have been out pretty steadily. We have hooked and jumped off three Blues. Haven’t caught one yet - maybe today! I think the fleet is up to 3 Blues caught for the year. I hope that with the warmer water the bite picks up steam.

We have been seeing some really small tuna as well as some Yellowfin in the 60 pound range. They seem to like to bite on the troll more than in the chum so far.

The Wahoo are slow but steady. We catch one or two most days. We got a couple in the 60 pound range this week.

I am hoping this will turn out to be a transition week and we hit summer by my next report. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

- Capt. Allen DeSilva