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Fishing Report: June 6

Provided by: DeMako Charters
Posted on:June 6, 2010
Region: Bermuda  /  Bermuda

We just finished up a few days fishing with Chris Woodward and the gang from Sport Fishing Magazine as well as Eros from Bluefin USA. We were concentrating on using top water plugs to try and scare up some fish. The water was cold and bait was scarce, but we managed to get quite a few shots of the guys with Tuna.

Have you noticed the new(ish) format for Sport Fishing? I think it is really cool how they take a subject and really go into detail on it over a number of articles.

We had a great time fishing with everybody and I hope we can lure them back for another visit later in the year.

The link to the Sport Fishing web article is here.

Things seems to be picking up with water temp and life on the banks. I am looking forward to this week.