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Fishing Report: 11/25/2010

Provided by: Tuna Fever
Posted on:November 25, 2010
Region: North Carolina  /  Coastal Plain

Kevin and his crew made it out today even though it blew a gale yesterday (go figure). Anyway the boys had a great time out in the blue even though fishing was a little slow - Maxwell turned em on to some blackfin and a couple yellowfin - they even sent home a piece for Kate and I which makes me love them very much! Yummy! Oh, I totally forgot - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kate and I drove up to Va Beach and had a nice luch with Billys parents today and Billy is going to have an unconventional steak tonight. Oh know he would rather be fishing than even go to Owens! She's gonna blow again tomorrow so hang on to your hats! Tight Lines!