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Fishing Report: 11/15/2010

Provided by: Tuna Fever
Posted on:November 15, 2010
Region: North Carolina  /  Coastal Plain

Finally Fishing!!!! WOOOOWEEEE!!!

Ron Whaley and his crew made it out this morning after rescheduling from a blow out last week. Actually it is been about 9 days since anyone fished and what the boys found was not too pretty. The water had blended out up north - maybe green over blue but the fleet opted to run down the beach and out of bounds to a 77 degree break on the SST map. Maxwell says that with all that northeast wind the "sand" off the beach has stirred up and pushed out offshore - sounds too far fetched to be literally sand to me but I didn't get a chance to have him explain so we will go with an interperative description for now! Anyway, today they found the birds in that collapsing finger of water which turned out to be a bad thing because they were very aggressive Gannetts and they were hell bent on eating Ron's baits up!! Not sure if the crew actually hooked any or not. They stayed with the water until it went green and fished north dragging a couple planers for a bite in the thermocline - up around the 746 and 230 they caught a fat blackfin - 28 pounds!! Congrats go out to Matthew Whaley because that by God is a citation catch! And then they actually caught a fat bluefish on the 818 and 320 - never heard of that before but I'll go with it. hehe. Anyway, that was it and the Billies where heros of the fleet! Urgh! So they are heading back out tomorrow and we'll see what hapopens they - Maxwell is convinved things will be different - I have my fingers crossed! Tight Lines!