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Dogfish is a name applied to a number of small sharks found in the northeast Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is applied especially to those in the three families Scyliorhinidae, Dalatiidae, and Squalidae. Although often used in reference to Scyliorhinus canicula, the name is applied loosely and does not signify a close taxonomic relationship.


Some species of dogfish have been considered a nuisance by fishermen because their schooling behavior can lead to high bycatch, especially in trawl and longline fisheries. Dogfish are commonly eaten in Britain, especially in the south of England, where they are a less expensive alternative to cod or plaice in fish and chip shops, and are traditionally called "huss". In other parts of the country (and increasingly in London) they are marketed as "rock salmon". Care must be taken when handling spiny dogfish because of the two spines in front of both dorsal fins. Their skin is also abrasive, thus gloves are usually worn when handling live dogfish.



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