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Fishing Report: Martha's Vineyard Fishing Report ' June 15, 2010

Provided by: Capawock Charters
Posted on:June 15, 2010
Region: Massachusetts  /  Cape Cod & The Islands  /  Martha's Vineyard

Open Water Micro Bait Feeding Linesiders?

The squid banquet in Vineyard Sound came to a screeching halt last week after several days of excellent squid hound fishing. It was short lived but hope is things on the rip will liven up again soon. During the last week we have been targeting bass in open water with impressive results. On average, I have been logging in 50+ miles per trip but the travelling around have definitely been worth it. When fishing open water bass all you have to do is seek out the anglers best friends; flocks of gulls, terns, stormy petrels, and shearwaters. The bass we have run across are feasting on all the micro bait that has filtered into our waters. Tiny krill like shrimp, juvenile anchovies and sea herring, small sandeels and spearing have all been part of the surface feeding frenzies. When you can filter through the bluefish and locate the bass, the fattened up fish provide hard charges and deep digging for the fly and light tackle angler. It has been a bountiful week for those anglers who have arrived with high expectations.

All my anglers this past week have been expert fishermen and great guys. Of particular joy for me has been to take out folks from international origins. On Friday I had the pleasure of taking out three Italians who travelled to the Vineyard after hearing how good the fishing can be. They could not speak English but they sure could fish and their skills were the way we were able to communicate. Luca, Fabio, and Roberto had the kind of trip that will make lifetime memories. They tripled up at least twenty times during the full day charter. We had to have boated and released nearly 100 fish. The Romans ruled that day and I am pleased the fish gods smiled upon us. It was a "buona fortuna" day.

Fish feeding on micro bait can at times bee very finicky. When this happens experimentation is the key. If "matching the hatch" doesn’t work, then try the irritation technique. Jumping minnows, slugos, snake flies, and poppers all seem to work at times as bass and blues will seem to strike out of sheer anger. For spin fishermen, my preference has been to throw six inch "Arkansas Shiner" slugos with and without a leadhead. The Riser Clan found out just how effective they are on yesterday’s trip.

On the negative side, we went out on a fluke mission last Sunday. It was a total bust with only one keeper fluke (18.5+") kept. I don’t know whether or not the water temps have not drawn in the doormats or perhaps the fluke fishery is at low levels but I do know that it isn’t what it used to be. The commercial fluke guys are hammering those in the 14+ inch class but until I see more doormats caught I think maybe it’s time to give them a rest. Let’s hope this situation changes.

Some good news from out Chappy way; the squid hounds are showing in decent numbers in the shoals. Perhaps we might go out in that direction after the open water feed slows down.

Happy fathers day to all you dads. Take your kids fishing and teach them a skill that will help bring them through those tumultuous adolescent years unscathed. Like my son and me, it might just become a lifetime passion that helps maintain our close bond.

My Son Jay in 1986 and in 2010

Tight Lines and Singing Drags,