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Fishing Report: Inshore Fishing Last Friday, June 11, 2010

Provided by: June Bug Sportfishing Charters
Posted on:June 16, 2010
Region: New Jersey  /  Shore

June Bug fished a grandfather, father, and son 3-generation party last Friday.

Sea conditions were perfect. It was a nice, warm, wonderful day on the ocean.

The Sea Bass fishing was excellent but not on structure where we would normally find them. For some reason, we caught the Sea Bass drifting in areas where we normally catch Fluke. Go figure. Every Sea Bass we brought up but one was a keeper and many were nice "blue humpers."

First thing in the morning we did check the beachfront up to Ship Bottom for pods of Bunker. That morning there was not a Bunker to be found. Unusual. There had been large pods every day before and there were large pods every day after last Friday too. They didn't always hold Stripers but at least the Bunker were off the beach.

Our Friday party wanted to try something other than Sea Bass after a while and the only option was small Bluefish back in Greta Bay. Capt. John Lewis, our mate last Friday, figured out that the Blues didn't want the normal small Clark spoons and started fishing large, 6" spoons on small trolling weights. In 4' to 5' of water, this method took the baits down about 3' at 5 knots. We started bailing the little guys. Fun on light tackle.

This trip was on Jim's (grandfather's) Bucket List. He had always wanted to go deep sea fishing. We didn't get him any huge fish but the family group had a great day together and that's really what fishing is all about. I kidded Jim and told him that he needed to amend his List. Separate deep sea fishing into two categories. One for Inshore and another for Offshore where he would have the chance to catch some "Fish of a Lifetime."

Let's Go Fishin'! There's plenty to catch.

Capt. Lindsay Fuller
June Bug Sportfishing
Beach Haven, NJ